Trading and Sales
1) In the Electrical Field
Electricite Du Liban (EDL) represents the main customer of Burotec in the electrical field, for which Burotec supplies all kinds of electrical and mechanical products, instrumentation and industrial equipment as auxiliaries divided in the following sections:
a) Power Generation:
Burotec is one of the main suppliers of the following EDL power stations:
• Zouk Power Station (steam turbines)
• Jieh Power Station (steam turbines)
• Baalbek Power Station (gas turbines)
• Tyre Power Station (gas turbines)
• Kadisha Power Station (steam turbines)
• Deir Amar Power Station (CCPP)
• Zahrani Power Station (CCPP)
For these power stations, Burotec supplies all kinds of auxiliaries for all the existing steam and gas turbines as well as spare parts for the existing equipment such as:
- Gas and steam turbines
- Boilers and burners
- Desalination units and water treatment plants
- Filters and condenser cleaning systems
- Air pre-heaters
- Auxiliary boilers
- Hypochlorite and hydrogen production plants
- Seawater and water pumps
- Electrofilters
- Electrical motors
- Compressors
- Fans
- Different types of valves (water, steam, fuel oil, etc.)
- Valves
- Firefighting systems
- Refractory cement
- Chemicals
- Instrumentations and control
Burotec also supplies the following materials and equipment for the power stations:
a) Batteries and chargers.
b) All kinds of instrumentations such as:
Transmitters and recorders, power supply units, vibration measuring devices and monitoring systems, pressure reducers, hydraulic couplers, Oxygen analyzers, EK-CO2 and EK-EM3 measuring devices, simple and double effect positioners, oil detectors, pneumatic amplifiers, l/P con¬verters, thermometers, pressure gauges, duo steam traps, measuring equipment for chemical analyses, smoke/dust density monitors, etc.
c) All kinds of valves such as:
Purge valves, non-return valves, solenoid valves, gate and globe valves, electro valves, pneumatic safety valves, automat¬ic reset solenoid valves, fuel oil valves, etc.
d) Chemical pumps such as:
Sulfate pumps, H2SO4 pumps, Hydrazine pumps, NaOH and HCL pumps, fuel oil pumps, dosing pumps and their acces¬sories and parts.
e) Chemical products and Chlorine liquid in drums.
f) All kinds of filters such as:
Fuel oil filters, air filters, etc.
g) And many other equipment such as:
Air compressors and air dryers, cooling and gas ventilators, fans, actuators, watermeters, diesel engines, etc.
b) Transmission and Distribution Lines

Burotec supplies EDL also the following materials for transmission and distribution lines as well as safety equipment and tools:
• Safety tools, voltage detectors, grounding equipment, etc.
• Hour meters, circuit breakers, etc.
• MV and LV metal enclosed switch boards, transformers protection, etc.
• Transformers
• Transformers oils
• Cables accessories and tools
• Cabling winches and trailers for pulling and lying of cables
2) In the Hydraulic Field
The "Ministry of Water and Electricity", "Beirut Water Authority" and all other water authorities represent the main customers of Burotec in the hydraulic field, for which Burotec supplies all kinds of hydraulic and mechanical equipment and chemical products such as:
a) All types of pumps and their accessories such as:
Submersible, vertical and horizontal pumps, booster pumps, sewage pumps, fire pumps, etc.
b) Electrical motors for pumps.
c) All types of valves such as:
Manual and motor actuated gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, non-return valves, etc.
d) Water and gas pipe fittings such as:
Stainless steel and ductile iron clamps, intake collars, repairing joints for water derivation, etc.
e) Chemical products and Chlorine liquid in drums.
f) Water desalination equipment.
g) Sewage water treatment equipment.
h) Tube settlers for water purification.
i) Waterworks related accessories such as:
Stainless steel and ductile iron clamps, intake collars, repairing joints for water derivation, etc.
j) Automation systems for pumping stations.
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